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No 36, The Detailer

For careful work around emerging artifacts.
Very narrow pick point (4.4mm) for fine work.
Narrow hoe width (36mm, approx. 1 7/16") for delicate earth removal. Not designed to meet higher-efficiency dig site debris removal needs.

The Detailer is $63.95


No 40, The Surveyor

For general exploration as well as daily on-site use.
The 40mm (approx. 1 9/16 ") hoe width makes this tool suitable for daily dig site use and careful debris removal from around larger artifacts, rocks, stone blocks, etc.

The Surveyor is $63.95


No 45, The Expedition

This pick is designed for long-term daily on-site production use.
The 45mm (approx. 1 3/4 ") wide hoe promotes efficient overburden removal without giving up the detailing advantages of a narrow pick point.

The Expedition is $67.95


No 55, The Earthmover

Too large for delicate work, but excellent where dig site preparation work is required to clear away large quantities of overburden.
Hoe width is 55mm (approx. 2 5/32 ") for high-production debris removal.

The Earthmover is $73.95

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