The Ingalls Patiche/Handpick is a unique tool, designed for use by professional as well as aspiring archaeologists, and built to last long enough to eventually show up in a dig as an artifact itself!

Lightweight for easy use and transport, the current pick design is the result of years of gradual field development, primarily in the Mediterranean and deserts of the Middle East. Careful consideration was given to how the Patiche/Handpick "feels" when used. The location of the rotational center point of the pick's weight, in combination with the shape of the handle, help keep the Patiche/Handpick naturally balanced in your hand, making day-long expedition use easier on your arm, shoulder and back.

The steel head of the pick is a high-quality, precision thin-wall, lost wax investment casting. The sophisticated alloy steel used is the same tough, stain-resistant steel used in mountain climbing equipment. After the pick head is cast, it is heat-treated to hold an edge and to be hard enough to resist wearing out with use.

The straight-edge 15° beveled sides allow for natural hand angle when raking small quantities of loose material into a pile, helping you to avoid dragging your knuckles over the ground while raking. Subtle, but important, the radius chosen for the top curve of the pick head is designed to facilitate the cutting of vertical balk walls.

Archaeological Handpicks Feature:

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